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Eagles Esoterica: NFL positive horror tales, from grandma remarks to socks — and extra socks

In response to the NFL, about $4 million has been raised to help former gamers by means of the NFL Basis since 2011. ‘Tis the season for giving.

Bo Wulf: Do you’ve a narrative of the worst positive you bought from the league or one you didn’t suppose you deserved?

Haason Reddick: Loopy, I’ve by no means been fined.

Wulf: You’ve by no means been fined?

Reddick: By no means for, like, one thing I didn’t deserve. I used to be fined as soon as for a combat, however that was it.

Wulf: Have you learnt any tales of teammates getting dangerous ones?

Reddick: I simply know a variety of guys get fined for uniform causes. what I’m saying? In the event that they’re not complacent with uniform guidelines. That’s about it.

Wulf: Do you’ve a narrative of the worst positive you’ve gotten from the league or one you didn’t suppose you deserved?

Javon Hargrave: My rookie 12 months, horse collar.

Wulf: OK.

Hargrave: I had chased down a dude and it was like 40 yards, was simply attempting to seize on and put my hand on it. Jumped on his legs. And it was a horse collar.

Wulf: That’s what you get for hustling 40 yards downfield.

Hargrave: It was my rookie 12 months too, so I used to be hurting. I didn’t even know that was a factor. That form of harm me.

Wulf: BG, do you’ve a narrative of the worst positive you’ve gotten from the league? Or one which pissed you off?

Brandon Graham: Dang! Uh, what? Rattling, that’s one. Who’d I get? I feel I obtained a rattling, what’s-his-name positive, however they took it away. A uniform positive. As a result of one thing got here up. And I’m like, “What?” Like, I can’t management that! Like, that’s a part of the sport.

Wulf: Like, one thing got here off?

Graham: One thing got here, I neglect what occurred. I don’t suppose I had sufficient black in my sock or one thing like that. I feel I had a strip of black in my sock and it form of got here off as a result of it was simply tape. Huge-ass positive, however they took it away.

Wulf: OK.

Graham: It was like, “Man, it’s proper there, you see it within the image.”

Wulf: Curious when you have any tales of a positive from the league that you simply didn’t deserve or a positive from a teammate that was well-known, or something like that?

James Bradberry: Mmmmmmmmmmmm. I personally haven’t been fined but.

Wulf: By no means? All proper, we’ll knock on wooden for that.

Bradberry: However I imply I had a teammate fined for — he wasn’t truly mic’d up, however someone else was mic’d up and he stated one thing.

Wulf: Oh, actually?

Bradberry: I can’t actually repeat what he stated however it was fairly foul.

Wulf: (Laughs) OK.

Bradberry: I can say it concerned the opposite individual’s grandmother.

Wulf: Oh, no. And he obtained fined as a result of it obtained picked up on the mic?

Bradberry: Picked up on the mic.

Wulf: What are we speaking, like $10,000?

Bradberry: Oh, I didn’t even ask him what the quantity was. I simply bear in mind being amazed that he stated that.

Wulf: (Laughs)

Bradberry: I used to be like, what, you most likely ought to have been fined.

Wulf: Have you ever ever been fined by the league?

DeVonta Smith: Yeah, loads of occasions.

Wulf: Loads of occasions? (Laughs) What for?

Smith: Socks!

Wulf: On a regular basis?

Smith: Yeah, just about each time it’s the socks.

Wulf: OK. And what are we speaking, like $10,000?

Smith: Um, I don’t bear in mind truthfully.

Wulf: Is it rising if you happen to’re a repeat offender?

Smith: Yeah, if you happen to’re a repeat offender it’s extra.

Wulf: Actually? So what’s your response once you get that (discover) within the locker?

Smith: Uh, it’s a bunch of bulls—.

Wulf: I feel that’s truthful.

Smith: Like, socks don’t don’t have anything to do with the sport.

Wulf: Proper. And what’s it, there’s not a strip of black or one thing?

Smith: Um, they are saying my knees are exhibiting. I don’t be having all of them the way in which up.

Wulf: And also you get fined as a result of your knees are exhibiting?

Smith: Yeah.

Wulf: You simply wanna get some air for these knees. And have you ever gotten some this 12 months?

Smith: Yeah.

Wulf: I respect that. You do you.

Smith: I imply, it’s not like I’m within the recreation like, “I want to drag my socks up!” I’m not worrying about my socks within the recreation.

Wulf: Proper. Thanks.

Wulf: Have you ever ever been fined by the league?

Greg Ward: I don’t suppose so.

Wulf: That’s good. You’re a rule follower.

Ward: Uh, I’m.

Wulf: Have there been teammates who’re infamous for it that you simply’ve been round?

Ward: Not that I do know of. I don’t know that I’ve ever been round anyone that likes dropping cash like that.

Eagles linebacker T.J. Edwards. (Invoice Streicher / USA At the moment)

Wulf: Do you’ve any tales of, like, the worst positive you’ve obtained from the league?

T.J. Edwards: Worst positive. I solely obtained one positive and it was my rookie 12 months for my undershirt being too untucked.

Wulf: OK.

Edwards: It was insane. Like, I didn’t even know that was a factor.

Wulf: Do you bear in mind how a lot it was for? I imply, you’re a rookie on an undrafted contract.

Edwards: It was for like a pair thousand. Which, after I obtained it, I used to be like, “Yo. I don’t have any assured cash.”

Wulf: Precisely. I’m a rookie, come on.

Edwards: However you then enchantment it, and that introduced it down just a little bit.

Wulf: Oh, that’s good.

Edwards: I feel the craziest ones are the uniform infractions. For like socks are too excessive.

Wulf: DeVonta stated he’s gotten a number of sock ones.

Edwards: Yeah, you’ll get like a warning right here and there, however generally you get that FedEx proper to your chair.

Wulf: After which what’s the precise enchantment course of? Who do you speak to?

Edwards: You gotta go speak to — good factor I forgot his identify, I haven’t talked to him in a very long time. It could be (Jon) Runyan.

Wulf: Do you do it your self?

Edwards: No, it’s like a trial.

Wulf: OK.

Edwards: Your agent, you discuss it.

Wulf: Your agent handles it?

Edwards: Yeah. Thank God.

(Writer’s observe: Right here’s how the precise course of works)

Wulf: Craziest positive you’ve gotten from the league?

Lane Johnson: My socks have been pulled down under my knees. I used to be sporting them in the course of the recreation and so they fell under my knees.

Wulf: And the way a lot does that price you?

Johnson: I feel it was like 5 (thousand), however I obtained it right down to a thousand.

Wulf: OK.

Johnson: So now I put on the leggings and the socks.

Wulf: So there’s no means they’ll go down.

Johnson: Yeah.

Wulf: Sensible.

Wulf: Do you’ve any tales of getting fined by the league?

Zach Pascal: Yeah. My socks. I obtained fined a pair occasions for my socks. On a Sunday night time recreation.

Wulf: Man. And the way a lot did that price you?

Pascal: At first it was like, $6,000?

Wulf: Jeez.

Pascal: After which I appealed it and obtained it to love 4 or three.

Wulf: And what was unsuitable with the socks?

Pascal: It was actually like proper right here (factors to under his knee). And I had a part of my knee exhibiting on Sunday Evening Soccer.

Wulf: That’s loopy, man.

Pascal: It’s fairly loopy.

Wulf: Have you ever ever been fined by the league?

Marcus Epps: Uh, yeah.

Wulf: What for?

Epps: Uniform violation.

Wulf: What was it, socks?

Epps: Yeah, it was like, my socks weren’t one thing. I don’t know.

Wulf: And the way a lot did that price you?

Epps: To be trustworthy, man, I couldn’t even let you know.

Wulf: Slay, do you’ve any tales of an unfair positive you’ve gotten from the league?

Darius Slay: Nah, I solely obtained fined from the staff. For being late. That’s it.

Wulf: How late have been you?

Slay: I don’t try this. That’s, I can’t give them my cash. That’s straightforward cash. They don’t take my cash.

Wulf: OK. You be sure you obtained your uniform spot on?

Slay: Uniform gonna be the best they obtained. Put on tights. You ain’t gonna see no knees, no nothing.

Wulf: And when did you get the positive for being late?

Slay: I had obtained a flat tire. Coach nonetheless didn’t excuse it, although. Nevertheless it’s cool.

Wulf: That was in Detroit or right here?

Slay: Detroit. I used to be younger although, a rookie.

Wulf: You reside and study.

Slay: I don’t try this. Giving freely free money? They attempting to bust you throughout the dome. Pay for socks? They ain’t gonna get me.

Wulf: Smitty says they’ve obtained him for socks, like a number of occasions.

Slay: Yeah, I ain’t gettin’ that. He ain’t study but. We go on the market in warmups, you say, “That’s a positive there, Slay.” Once I come again out, it ain’t gonna be no positive after I come again out. Come on, man. They already attempting to take all the cash again.

Wulf: Miles, have you ever ever gotten an unfair positive from the league?

Miles Sanders: Yeah, my f—in’ socks.

Wulf: All people’s getting socks.

Sanders: Superb us for f—in’ socks. It’s silly.

Wulf: What number of occasions have you ever gotten socks?

Sanders: Simply as soon as. It’s silly.

Wulf: It’s silly.

Sanders: Tellin’ me I can’t present pores and skin, however I play operating again. My socks get rolled out each deal with. That was my rookie 12 months.

Wulf: And it hasn’t occurred since?

Sanders: I can’t say it hasn’t occurred, however they haven’t fined me.

Wulf: Are you extra conscious of it since?

Sanders: I can’t management it!

Wulf: You’re operating the ball.

Sanders: It’s not one thing I’m gonna be anxious about in the course of the recreation. In the event that they positive me, they positive me. I’ll enchantment it.

Wulf: Did you enchantment that first one?

Sanders: Yeah, $6,000. Began at seven.

Wulf: Wild.

Sanders: F—in’ socks.

Wulf: Very fast query.

Rick Lovato: Yeah, what’s up?

Wulf: Have you ever ever been fined by the league?

Lovato: No. I’ve not been fined by the league.

Wulf: Fingers crossed.

Lovato: Fingers crossed.

Wulf: Fast query for you.

Linval Joseph: OK.

Wulf: Do you’ve a narrative of probably the most unfair positive you’ve gotten from the league over your profession?

Joseph: No, probably not. I imply, one time I obtained fined with out truly doing one thing.

Wulf: OK. What was that?

Joseph: It was towards Washington and I feel the man kicked me in my … and I meant to step on him, however like I stated, intent. Didn’t do it. Nonetheless obtained fined for it.

Wulf: Oh, you simply went like this (lifts leg up), and you then didn’t truly step down? And you continue to obtained fined?

Joseph: Yup.

Wulf: OK. Was that once you have been with the Giants?

Joseph: Yeah, with the Giants.

Wulf: Brutal. You stopped your self.

Joseph: They stated I obtained fined for the intent of attempting to do it. And I used to be like, think about if I attempted to do it.

Eagles operating again Boston Scott. (Rey Del Rio / Getty Photos)

Wulf: Boston, have you ever ever been fined by the league?

Boston Scott: I feel one time for a T-shirt.

Wulf: T-shirt?

Scott: My shirt was too lengthy.

Wulf: Man.

Scott: Oh, what? It was socks.

Wulf: Socks. That’s everyone.

Scott: Yup.

Wulf: And also you haven’t made that mistake once more?

Scott: No. Preserve my cash in my pocket.

Wulf: Do you’ve any tales of an unfair positive that you simply’ve gotten from the league?

Robert Quinn: Huh? All of them.

Wulf: (Laughs)

Quinn: All of them.

Wulf: Anybody stand out?

Quinn: I feel one time my shirt was hanging from underneath my jersey and I feel my knees have been exhibiting.

Wulf: Can’t have that.

Quinn: These have been most likely, to me, the dumbest.

Wulf: I’d agree. The uniform ones. Did you enchantment these?

Quinn: Yup. Typically it don’t go in your favor, however more often than not it’ll go in your favor. Nonetheless gotta enchantment ’em, you by no means know.

Wulf: OK.

Quinn: Taking part in soccer, it’s form of onerous for them to remain up.

Wulf: Sorry, my knees have been exhibiting.

Quinn: Proper. (Laughs)

Wulf: Thanks.

Quinn: They positive you?

Wulf: No. However I determine Black Friday, everyone’s attempting to save cash, so I’ll do some factor on the cash that’s been taken from you guys.

Quinn: I imply, it’s a tax write-off.

Wulf: OK! That’s veteran tip.

Quinn: (Laughs) . You possibly can work it out. In fact, you’ll slightly preserve the cash, however it’s a tax write-off. I’m talking for myself on that.

Wulf: Dallas, do you’ve any tales of an unfair positive you’ve gotten from the league?

Dallas Goedert: No, I haven’t been fined an excessive amount of. I haven’t been fined an excessive amount of, and when I’ve …

Wulf: You had it coming?

Goedert: Often they’re proper.

Wulf: What’s the latest one?

Goedert: Taunting name earlier this 12 months.

Wulf: Who was that towards?

Goedert: Detroit. Forty-four (Malcolm Rodriguez).

Wulf: Do you bear in mind what you probably did?

Goedert: I simply form of stood over him, flexed on him. Can’t try this.

Wulf: And what does that price?

Goedert: An excessive amount of. I feel they obtained me for like 11 (thousand).

Wulf: And also you appealed?

Goedert: I obtained it down to love 5 or one thing. S—, I want it was none. I ain’t taunt no one after that.

Wulf: I’m asking guys within the locker room if they’ve an occasion of, like, a positive from the league that they thought was form of unfair.

Ndamukong Suh: (Laughs) A positive from the league that was unfair?

Joseph: (Laughs)

Suh: Once I performed his outdated staff Minnesota and I obtained fined 100 grand for a block on an interception.

Wulf: OK.

Suh: That was undoubtedly unfair.

Wulf: What was it, like a blindside?

Suh: Yeah.

Wulf: 100!

Suh: (Shakes his head)

Wulf: Was that since you have been a repeat offender?

Suh: I’ve no clue. I don’t perceive how a variety of these of us make selections.

Joseph: What in regards to the one in Inexperienced Bay?

Suh: Which one?

Joseph: Stepped on Aaron Rodgers.

Suh: Nah. That was …

Wulf: (Laughs)

Joseph: How a lot was that one?

Suh: Perhaps, I used to be suspended for 2 video games. However my recreation checks have been low, so it was possibly $25,000 every or one thing like that.

Wulf: As a result of it was your rookie contract.

Suh: Yeah.

Wulf: That is smart. Do it once you’re a rookie, I suppose.

Suh: (Laughs) Yeah.

Joseph: The worst positive I obtained wasn’t on the sphere. It was off the sphere.

Wulf: OK.

Joseph: , again then, that s— you get from meat from Mexico? I had 0.1 p.c in my system …

Wulf: OK?

Joseph: They usually tried to droop me 4 video games. It was like, however we’ll accept $500k.

Wulf: (Laughs)

Suh: Rattling.

Joseph: Yeah. That s— harm, bro.

Suh: (Laughs)

Wulf: And what was it?

Joseph: I had like 1 p.c of contaminated meat in my system.

Wulf: Oh.

Joseph: A number of years in the past, it began occurring to lots of people and so they didn’t know take care of it. So the season began, and like midway, virtually to the tip, they have been like, “Hey, give us a quantity.”

Wulf: (Laughs)

Joseph: “100 grand?” “No, that’s not ok. We’ll droop you, or, 500 grand.”

Wulf: That’s powerful.

Suh: Making an attempt to get they charity proper.

Joseph: Yeah, I couldn’t write it off.

Wulf: Oh, you couldn’t write that one off?

Joseph: No! That’s why I used to be like, it by no means added up.

(High photograph of DeVonta Smith: Michael Reaves / Getty Photos)

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